Working at Bauer

Interested in what it’s really like to work at Bauer? Let’s hear from our people….

"I love the collaboration within the office – there’s a large focus on internal brainstorms for campaigns which allows a group of us to get into a room and collaborate, workshop and learn from each other. It was very clear when starting here that so many people are truly passionate about the brands we sell"

Demi Martello

Key Account Manager and Media i Awards 'Sales Representative of the Year'
"The technologies Bauer use are cutting edge and, for a developer who needs to stay in touch with technological changes, this was extremely attractive. Of all the organisations I’ve worked in, Bauer has given me the most satisfaction. Culturally it’s been the best fit for me and the people are so appreciative of what you do for them. There’s a sense of recognition from employees whom you help as well as from IT leadership"

Steve Mack

Technical Lead
"I love the creative aspect of the job and collaborating with other team members to come up with ideas for the mag. It’s great having so much access to TV stars!"

Amber Giles

Deputy Editor TV Week
"This job allows me to sit down with some incredible people – particularly women – who have achieved wonderful things, or have thrilling stories to share"

Genevieve Gannon

Senior Writer The Australian Women's Weekly
"I may be biased but I honestly believe I work with the most creative and forward thinkers in the business. The ideas that come out of this powerhouse team of creatives, strategists, researchers and content creators are second to none. But more than anything, coming into work is like coming in to hang out with your best friends every day"

Amy Banham

Customer Strategist
"My team are constantly pushing me to think outside of what’s been done before to bring something new to the conversation for our reader, while allowing me a creative freedom that’s incredibly fulfilling. I’ve also been given some incredible opportunities to travel and take part in experiences I couldn’t have otherwise imagined"

Elle McClure

Features & Culture Editor ELLE