Harper's BAZAAR

The Harper’s BAZAAR reader is a well-dressed woman with a well-dressed mind. To her, we’re more than just a fashion magazine. Yes, we’re an authority on luxury and style, but our reader also wants her finger on the pulse when it comes to beauty, pop culture and travel. In 2017, the BAZAAR brand celebrates its 150th birthday and is more relevant than ever in a world directed by social media, because she knows she can come to us for authenticity. We’re her indulgent escape. A ticket to a five-star adventure
with a fashionable bent.

Harper’s BAZAAR influences the influencer and is in the business of creating desire, which is why we are unapologetic when it comes to our narrow focus on the world of luxury fashion. Every image and every word in Harper’s BAZAAR has to ignite an emotional response. We want our reader to get lost in our pages, escape for a moment and be seduced by what she sees. We want her to leave the world of BAZAAR inspired and wanting to purchase what she has seen and share it with her network.