Influencing Australian life for generations

Our history involves two stories. Our story within Australasia begins with a single publication – the Australian Women’s Weekly – which has been influencing women across Australia and New Zealand since the 1930’s.

Since that time, we’ve grown to become Australia and New Zealand’s leading multi-channel publisher, reaching more than 85 per cent of women through our brands. Our audience rely on Bauer Media for entertainment, news and information.

Bauer Media Group is Europe’s largest magazine publisher and one of the leading players in the UK, Poland, USA, Australia and New Zealand, publishing more than 600 magazines in 20 countries with around 11,500 employees that contribute on a daily basis to our success.

As a member of the fifth generation, Yvonne Bauer has headed the family business since 2010.

Bauer Media
Australian Consolidated Press

Bauer Media


It began with a business card

In 1875, Ludolph Bauer has just turned 23 when he sets up a printing plant in Hamburg to produce business cards. As well as taking on various printing jobs, he launches the local advertising newspaper Rothenburgersorter Zeitung. This is later followed by Extrablatt am Montag and eventually in 1926 by Rundfunk-Kritik – a radio magazine which quickly reaches sales of over a half a million copies weekly.

Australian Consolidated Press


It all started with a weekly

Our story started in 1932 when Sir Frank Packer and Edward Theodore came together to form Sydney Newspapers Ltd. A year later they launched the iconic Australian Women’s Weekly – the first magazine of its kind to be launched in the country.

Within days of the first issue hitting the stands, newsagents were demanding more copies and by the end of the year, the Weekly was being sold in three states across Australia and shortly thereafter in New Zealand.


Joining forces to form a media powerhouse

Sydney Newspapers Ltd merged with Associated Press to form Consolidated Press, a company that was later renamed Australian Consolidated Press (ACP). ACP continued to build a strong portfolio of brands and push publishing boundaries.


Building for a strong future

The company launched Cleo - the first magazine in the country to feature frank discussions on sex, politics and women’s liberation.

By the late 1980’s, ACP was responsible for 50 per cent of Australasia’s total magazine market, publishing much loved titles including Australian House & Garden, Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping.

Bauer Media


Building for a strong future

The publishing house works its way to the top after the Second World War with listing guides and youth magazines. Rasselbande sells 300,000 every fortnight, tv Hören und Sehen reaches one million readers. The magazines Quick, Revue and Bravo become firm fixtures in every German household. In the 1970s, the first weekly women’s magazines are created with tina and bella.

A few years later, Bauer buys a stake in the TV broadcaster RTL II and the radio station Radio Hamburg. After German reunification, the Magdeburg daily Volksstimme is added to the portfolio.


International: Once around the globe please!

With his leap across the “big pond”, great-grandson Heinz Heinrich Bauer drives the internationalisation of the company: in 1981, the Hamburg-based publisher launches Woman’s World as the first weekly women’s magazine in the USA – a million-selling success! The British and Polish markets follow in 1987 and 1991, respectively. The publisher adapts successful German magazines for its readers abroad and launches numerous new brands. Bauer Media’s international activities also extend to the radio business: Polish radio station chain BROKER FM was added in 2007 and Emap’s UK radio stations in 2008.


Digital: Celebrating online success

Bauer Media Group entered the digital era in the 1990’s. Successful magazine concepts were extended to the internet establishing cross-media brand families. For example, when the magazine brand heat launched in the UK in 2000, it naturally included the online portal heatworld.com and the radio station heatradio. The Polish search engine and mail provider interia.pl has belonged to Bauer Media Group since 2007. Wunderweib, the digital umbrella brand for our German women’s people and lifestyle magazines, went online in 2009. This was followed in 2014 by The Debrief for young women in the UK and the healthcare portal Praxisvita in Germany. The digital sector is also growing in all areas and across all target groups in the USA.

Growing & Beyond


Joining a global media network

Yvonne Bauer has successfully built on her father’s international strategy: in 2012, we became part of the Bauer Media Group. This fifth-generation family owned and run media powerhouse is committed to developing high quality content that inspires and entertains readers around the globe.

Becoming part of the Bauer Group allowed us to take our company in Australia and New Zealand to its next stage of growth.


An Exciting Future

Our story doesn’t end here. Today we are Australia and New Zealand’s leading multi-channel publisher, responsible for a number of iconic brands that entertain, inspire and educate millions of people.

We connect advertisers with quality audiences who find Bauer Media brands more influential on their decisions than any other media.

Like our founders, we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of publishing to ensure we’re delivering the best content in the most effective ways to all Australians and New Zealanders.