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The Power of Magazines

- 08 April, 2015

In a time when media choice has never been so fragmented, research still shows that more than 70% of Australian women have read a magazine in past month and continue to spend more than $640million a year on the medium.

To really understand the power of magazines and how they can help you create stronger connections with passions of Australian women, here are ten top reasons to include magazines as part of your next campaign.

  1. In the last month, 70% of Australian women have read a magazine
  2. In fact 1 in 3 Australian women are heavy magazine consumers – reading 4+ issues a month
  3. Australians spent over $640 million on audited magazines in 2014*
  4. Australians bought almost 120 million audited magazines in 2014* – that’s almost 4 magazines sold a second!
  5. Magazines are the number one medium for luxury experience: associated with quality, relaxation and indulgence
  6. Advertising in magazines rate highest for interest, entertainment and enjoyment of all mediums**
  7. Magazines build brands! After reading magazines, brand salience scores increase an average of  7.3%
  8. The magazine environment creates more effective advertising – ad impact increases an average of 81% when read within the magazine environment ***
  9. Magazine advertising drives consumer attitudes and intended behaviour more effectively and efficiently than viewing television advertising alone or TV in combination with online advertising****
  10. Magazines are the most cost effective medium throughout the purchase funnel, looking at two related measures of ROI — cost per person and people impacted per dollar spent


Source: Ipsos, emma, January 2015.*AMAA, January – December 2014.**Bauer/TNS Media Experience Study, June 2013. ***The Science of Love, Bauer Neuro Insight study, 2011. ****Base = 39 Studies. Source: Dynamic Logic 2009 “Assessing Ad Impact”

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