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The Friendship Trigger

- 08 December, 2014

Long gone are the days of the linear three stage funnel approach of consumers becoming aware of a brand, researching it and then buying it, instead we are faced with the challenge of intercepting a consumer who can be influenced at any time and at any place, using different content in different contexts to ultimately influence their purchase decisions.

Knowing this information and understanding how disrupted the path to purchase is, not to mention the proliferation of media choices now available to consumers, marketers must find new ways to get into the initial consideration set of consumers.

In partnership with the Monash University Centre for Retail Studies, Bauer Media set out to better understand this process, and the role friends and media play in the retail psychology of Australian women.   


Using Bauer Media’s ‘Inside Female Friendship’ study as a foundation to this project, we embarked on one of our biggest quant studies involving 10,000 individual case studies that examined how purchases were made and evaluated across 13 different categories. This research clearly identified three key findings.

The first thing was that for many purchases, particularly in lower involvement categories, we find it really difficult to project back and understand what actually triggered the purchase; consumers actions are often unplanned, unconsidered and unnoticed.

The second was that the types of triggers were infinite and difficult to predict.

And thirdly, there was a common denominator that triggered all paths to purchase decisions, and that was consumer’s friends.

To find out how you can harness the power of the ‘friendship trigger’ when targeting female consumers, contact your Bauer Media sales representative, or email

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