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- 25 March, 2014

Women are a global economic powerhouse. They are key decision makers in the home, and increasingly influential in the workforce. And they are consuming, and creating, content like never before. With a plethora of media choices available, we set out to uncover the role that the various media platforms play in her life today.

In 2013 Bauer partnered with leading global researchers TNS, to conduct a study of 1000 Australian women to understand the role of media in their lives.  Bauer Media Group brands operate across a number of different media platforms – from print magazines to branded websites, social media and mobile apps. Our media offering is constantly evolving and this study ensures we know where and how our audiences want to receive content.

Across 9 different media channels – covering traditional, digital and mobile platforms, we look at how women experienced each channel. Which channel provided her with the most enjoyment, which caused her concern, which demonstrated innovation and stimulation?

With so many media options available to us as consumers and media professionals, we set out to examine the relative effectiveness of advertising on various platforms.  By measuring both positive and negative receptivity to advertising messages we were able to determine that the real strength of the print magazine lies in its ability to present advertising in a highly receptive environment. In fact, advertising in magazines was twice as welcome as the second highest performing media. We rank all media included in the study, so you can make informed decisions about how your advertising is received.

In addition to the above, we present findings for women 18-24, 25-39, 40-54 and 55+ to ensure that we understand how to connect with women across all key age groups. We are also able to present findings by passion – how do women with a passion for food, beauty, fashion, homes, travel and health view their media experience?

Bauer is a media company that truly connects with women. Across the age groups and category interests, our findings uncovered the unique position of the print magazine as a quality and innovative media offering and the strength of the relationship between print magazines and websites.

From our partners at TNS:

“Magazines continue to play an important role in the Australian woman’s media experience, particularly in tapping into new trends and providing new ideas and a motivation to act".

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