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The Life & Style of Young Australian Women

- 25 March, 2014

Bauer are experts in Young Women. Each year we survey and interview literally thousands of young women. In the first half of 2013 we conducted our most extensive single young women’s study in 15 years. Over 3 months, we conducted surveys, thought and media journals, indepth interviews, video journals and magazine co-creation workshops. We partnered with Sweeney Research to ensure we stay in touch with the media, life and style needs of young women.

And while we discovered that some things don’t actually change that much- personal identity, pressures, relationships, and sex are a constant, the recent decades have seen many other changes in the lifestyles of young adults. According to the ABS 2013 Social Trends report, compared with young adults 35 years ago, young adults in 2011 were less likely to be married, more likely to delay moving out of their parental home, more likely to work part-time, and have more educational qualifications. Further, young adult women are closing the gap in terms of workforce participation, and have now overtaken young adult men in educational participation.

Through our study we looked into these changes and some other rising influences in the lives of young women and how this impacts on their brand expectations. And when we say ‘brand expectations’ we should probably say ‘brand essentials’ as it’s really quite crucial that brands deliver on these to ensure relevance in the world of the young Australian woman.

We arrived at seven key local insights that are shaping these brand essentials. Our study looks at defining the insight, the motivation behind the insight and the impact on your communications.


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