Case Study

Gourmet Traveller & Coles Finest Food Truck

The Brief

In 2013, Coles was about to relaunch the Coles Finest range, its selection of gourmet foods.

Coles Finest was a key strategy to differentiate Coles from Woolworths and give people a reason to cross the road and go to Coles.

To do this, Coles needed to promote the quality credentials of the Coles Finest range. It wanted to tell the backstory of its products, to give it credibility with an upmarket AB 35+ shopper.

Bauer’s solution had a laser-like focus on this one challenge: building credibility for Coles Finest.

Our Response

We realised our recipe to build credibility needed two key ingredients.

Firstly, we needed a clever way of getting the Coles Finest products into the mouths of shoppers.

Secondly, we needed a multimedia campaign to amplify and build this credibility in their minds.

To give our AB audience a taste of Coles Finest, we knew we needed to get into CBDs and offer them an unrivalled gourmet experience. We had to take the products to them.

We had been tracking the growing trend for Food Trucks.. Our research showed there was a gap in the market for a premium, food truck, which offered convenience plus the highest quality.

As a result, we proposed a partnership between Coles Finest and Australian Gourmet Traveller (AGT) to build and launch Australia’s first Gourmet Food Truck.

AGT was also the perfect partner to amplify the campaign and build credibility in hearts and minds - because it carries huge credibility with an AB audience. 95% of readers agree it’s at the cutting edge of food trends.

We partnered with food truck specialists, Eat Art to design and build something that stood apart as more premium and more gourmet than what was already available. And we worked with Coles to create a menu of three items using the Coles Finest range.

Once the truck was built, we set up in eight different Sydney and Melbourne locations during busy lunchtimes. On location, recipe cards were handed out, showcasing the Coles Finest range, as well as a special introductory discount to drive people in to stores.

The Results

Most importantly, nearly 6,000 gourmet consumers tasted the Coles Finest range.

As a result of the PR activity, the AGT Coles Finest Gourmet Truck featured on The Today Show twice, and there was also a 3 minute feature on ABC radio 702, which never features adverts.

A dozen more editorial mentions in print amplified the reach and credibility.

In addition, there were over 1,900 high quality interactions on social media channels (valued at $175,000).

Bauer further amplified the idea, and built credibility with an audience of 887,000 across the AGT and Real Living brands.

 “Gourmet Traveller came to us with the idea of creating a premium food experience for our Coles Finest range: a partnership with AGT in the shape of a Food Truck. The idea was spot on for the relaunch of our brand. The AGT team worked tirelessly to bring it to life in really creative ways at the sites in Sydney and Melbourne as well as across print, web, social and through PR to highlight the quality credentials of the Coles Finest range.

Sally Mann

Marketing and Media Planner, Coles




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