Q&A: Allan Fletcher

Can you tell us about your current role at Bauer Media?

I’m GM of Bauer’s Content Services, which means I am responsible for some of our key content producing departments, including the Bauer Food studio, and our Creative and Catalogues teams. It’s a role that gives me the opportunity to work closely with key stakeholders across the Editorial, Digital, Advertising and Custom media arms of our business.

Bauer Media has a history of publishing food and lifestyle content for over 80 years, what has been the key to our brands remaining fresh and relevant?

All of our brands take a leadership position in their fields, which creates its own pressure to stay fresh and ahead of the game. We employ the best content makers around, and we challenge each other constantly to raise the bar. Competition between our own teams is healthy, but we are not insular, we will always take the time to applaud and learn from great work. That is what drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves. I find it a pretty inspiring environment to be in. 

Bauer has recently created the Bauer Food Studio, what has been the driving force behind the amalgamation of this creative food hub?

There were a number of reasons; not least because we are all about smart publishing. One of our great advantages is that we are constantly looking at new ways to make the best quality content in market, sustainably and cost effectively.  But beyond that, the overwhelming desire was to underline our status as leaders in our field. Having all of our food talent in house means we can constantly improve and inform the way we work. It’s all about raising that bar. We have built a centre of content excellence that works brilliantly for our own brands; and is by extension, priceless for our clients.  After all, if you’re an advertiser, why wouldn’t you want the best food talent in the business creating your content for you?


Brands more than ever before are investing heavily in Content Marketing. What facilities and services does Bauer Media provide to help advertisers develop branded content?

Essentially all of the facilities and talents we use to make our own best in class content. In the Food Studio alone we have a team of 25 Food editors, Chefs, Stylists, Photographers, Videographers and Editors. We have 12 test kitchens and 3 Kitchen studios, putting 10,000 recipes in the market each year.  Wider than that, our heritage gives us great depth in everything from Fashion & Beauty, Food & Homes, through to Motoring. The depth and range of talent we have available to us is second to none. We have always been recognised for our creative ability, but since the world of content has exploded in recent years, our ability to engage audiences across every genre and platform is being valued by clients more than ever.

Can you provide any insights into how clients are leveraging Bauer Creative resources to produce multi-platform campaigns?

From a creative point of view the range of what we do continues to grow, in the last year we’ve created everything from TVCs to Catalogues for our clients. Pretty much every campaign we create now is integrated across platforms in some way, and we can produce everything in house, end to end. Whether that’s as creative executions across our Print and digital channels, on our Viewa App, or simply in the shape of multiple video edits for different social channels. Our content teams across Creative, Digital, Social and Viewa all collaborate closely to ensure everything we do has meaning and purpose across platforms, and is amplified to the maximum. Our key focus though is always on the content itself, that what keep the audience coming back, and that is where clients are leveraging our abilities most effectively. After all, that is what we have always done better than anyone.  

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