Australia’s number one teen magazine, Dolly, is pleased to announce the launch of the Dolly Doctor mobile app in partnership with Schick; a must have app for teenage girls in search of confidential, professionally backed advice.

As one of Australia’s longest standing magazine advice columns, the new Dolly Doctor mobile app provides teenage girls with a one-stop-shop for reliable, trusted advice covering everything from sex, relationships, health, and friendships; all backed by Dolly’s accredited health experts.

“Dolly Doctor is a key part of the Dolly brand, and has remained a go-to authority figure for teenage girls for more than 50 years. It is one of the most popular elements of the magazine and the new app will make it more accessible than ever before,” said Dolly Editor-in-Chief, Lucy E. Cousins.

“Today’s youth are one of the hardest audience segments to connect with, but Dolly remains a constant in the lives of thousands of teenage girls across Australia, with readers sending in hundreds of questions to Dolly Doctor every week. The app will allow us to respond to reader questions in a fast, easy to digest fashion, while making Dolly an even bigger part of these girls lives,” concluded Lucy.

Out now on the Apple App Store, the Dolly Doctor app covers a broad range of topics, including health and wellbeing, friends, relationships and sex, and offers a large catalogue of past and current reader questions.

Tony Kendall, Director of Sales said, “Mobile remains one of the fastest growing media platforms and a key part of any marketing strategy that is trying to connect a brand with the passions of today’s teenagers. The Dolly Doctor app provides advertisers with yet another channel to target this elusive demographic, backed by Bauer Media’s trusted and curated content.”

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Download the Dolly Doctor app from the Apple App Store



For more information please contact:

Lucy E. Cousins, Dolly Editor-in-Chief

(T) 02 9282 8415 (E)


Luke Robinson, Trade Marketing Manager

(T) 02 9282 8943 (E)

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