It was only a generation or two ago that advertisers were using the most outrageous, sexist and bizarre methods to try and sell cars.  From comparing the ‘assets’ of their vehicles to the plunging neckline of a young model, to putting forward a pledge-list for wives to agree to before the husband bought them the car of their dreams – some Adverts have definitely not stood the test of time.

 A special report in the latest issue of leading publication UNIQUE CARS has scoured the archives of car advertising around the world, to deliver a showcase of the truly weird and whacky pitches made to would-be customers.   See the feature here

 “I’m not sure how many cars these advertisements sold, but it’s hard to read most of them now – especially while you’re laughing and have your hands covering your eyes,” notes UNIQUE CARS editor Guy Allen.

 “It’s fair to say they were creative, and it’s also fair to suggest the world has changed dramatically in just a few generations, to the point where it’s hard to comprehend the so-called ‘good old days’ of our parents.”




  • THE BRITISH LEYLAND SHERPA – Features a young model with a plunging neckline and the finishing spruik on the car says “So you could say that its vital statistics such as these that make our Sherpa stand way out in front … Just like Anne.”


  • SUBARU USA – Featured then-Tour de France hero Lance Armstrong with the ill-fated line ‘What Drives Lance?’   The world now has a pretty clear answer on that one.


  • FORD TORINO COBRA – With the headline MAN UP it then delivered the clincher ‘You could become a real man today, by visiting your Ford Dealer Performance Centre’.


  • CITREON CARAT – Headline - ‘The Advanced Carat at a Retarded Price’


  • MINI – Headline – ‘GAY, happy-go-lively cars’


  • FORD CORTINA – Advert pitched at husbands, getting their wives to ‘Take The Pledge’ to do the housework, sewing, washing up, and promise not to get any parking tickets … before being rewarded with the new Ford Cortina.


  • LANCIA BETA – Headline – ‘In a few years You’ll look on it as a Good Investment’.   (Production ceased in 1984 … and owners are still waiting.)


The full list appears in the latest issue of UNIQUE CARS.


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