As its business continues to transform to one based on audiences, Bauer Media today announces it is withdrawing from the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA).

The decision recognises Bauer’s magazine brands are increasingly delivering significant audiences across multiple channels including digital, social media and events and audited circulation data no longer reflects this total magazine ecosystem.

Nick Chan, Bauer CEO said: “In an increasingly competitive media market we have to focus on the total audience delivery of our brands, rather than a measure which is based only on copy sales. This will make our magazines more competitive with other main media such as television, radio and OOH, which is already traded based on the size of audiences.

 “The AMAA is a highly effective organisation, but circulation audits do not properly represent how consumers are interacting with our brands across different platforms, nor do they reflect the integrated media discussions we are having with our advertising clients. Connected audiences across multi-media channels is where we see the future of magazine brands in Australia.”

To provide advertisers and agencies with greater insights and clarity on total audiences for its brands, Bauer will be investing in Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) in 2017, in addition to the existing readership data it receives to from Roy Morgan.

The EMMA readership survey, conducted by Ipsos, is a single source media and consumer insights survey providing data including demographics, media consumption, lifestyles and psychographics which is released monthly.

Chan added: “The addition of EMMA and in particular its fusion of Nielsen’s digital audience data, will give advertisers greater visibility on the consumers engaging with our brands. In addition to the data from Roy Morgan, we have the most granular view of total magazine audiences across both print and digital channels.”


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