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Cancellation Deadlines

You may cancel your booking at any time prior to 30 days to the campaign go live date. The cancellation request must be made in writing.  If you cancel your booking within 30 days of your campaign start date a fee will be incurred. Any cancellations that are made once the campaign has started will not have a refund for any unused portion of the campaign.

Bauer Media reserves the right to remove creative from any of the Bauer Media websites if the creative is deemed to not meet the requirements outlined below or deemed to be unsuitable.

Creative Deadlines

Creative assets must be delivered at least 5 business days prior to start date.


FormatDimensionsFile sizeHTML5 file size
Billboard 970 x 250 100KB - JPG/GIF 100KB - HTML5*
Half Page 300 x 600 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Leaderboard 728 x 90 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Mobile Leaderboard 320 x 50 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Gutters~ 125 x 900 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Gutters^ 160 x 600 40KB - JPG/GIF 80KB - HTML5*
Wallpaper 1920 x 1200 200KB - JPG N/A

 * HTML5 must be third party ad served
~ Australian Geographic and Gourmet Traveller ONLY
^ Now To Love, Homes To Love, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR ONLY




Name                      Size                         Expanded sizeAccepted formatVideoBack-up image
Available sitesNotes
Expanding Half Page 300 x 600 560 x 600 HTML5* 2.2MB JPEG or GIF
max size 40KB
Please consult with our Ad Opterations team. N/A
Expanding Masthead 970 x 250 970 x 500 HTML5* 2.2MB JPEG or GIF
max size 40KB
Full Page OTP 970 x 1100 N/A HTML5* 1MB N/A Frequency Capped
1 user per day. Max 10 second duration
Mobile Expandable 320 x 50 320 x 480 HTML5* N/A JPEG or GIF, PNG N/A
Side Kick 300 x 250
300 x 600
1000 x 600 HTML5* 2.2MB JPEG o GIF
max size 40KB

* HTML5 must be third party ad served via Sizmek or Doubleclick



All rich media ads are required to be served via a third party.  Please contact the third party vendor details below for more information.

All rich media ads are subject to testing.

Creative must be delivered at least 5 working days prior to campaign go live date.  Creative which is third party served must be live and enable adequate testing prior to the campaign going live.  In the event that the creative cannot be adequately tested, the start date of the campaign may be affected.


  • Any rich media banners that contain audio and video must have a user initiated launch and require the following audio controls: play, pause, volume slider, mute and unmute.
  • There is the ability to load an initial banner.  These banner units must not contain audio nor video.
  • The user must initiate the expanding banner ads.  These creative executions must have a close button.
  • The optimal frames per second (FPS) is 21.  The maximum accepted is 24.





Name    Size         Max file size  Format   LengthVAST supported?
Pre-Roll 640 x 360 2.2MB MP4 Max 30 second duration    Yes
Teads 640 x 360 20MB MOV, MP4, AVI, WMA Max 30 second duration Yes



NameSize         File SizeFormatNotes
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 30KB JPEG

Can not be third party served. Image and URL required. Can implement click-tracking URL.



BrandSizeShell Template
Australian Geographic Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Australian Women's Weekly Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Cosmopolitan Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Dolly Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Elle Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Food To Love Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Gourmet Traveller Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Harper's BAZAAR Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images
Woman's Day Width 600 x variable height
up to 1,000 pixels.  Max 80KB
including HTML images



  • A subject line of 35 characters or less to be provided. Avoid buzz words such as 'Free' and capital letters with excessive punctuation to avoid spam detection.
  • All images must be JPG (static) format and under 600px (w) to fit within our template
  • Images should be hosted by agency/client side, referenced in HTML with complete, non-relative URLs.
    EG: <img src=""> NOT <img src="image.jpg">
  • Clicktracking URLs to be inserted by agency prior to sending over HTML file
  • If template is not provided to spec, a flattened JPG will be sent with one URL.


The HTML code that you use to create your content will appear within the Bauer HTML code, therefore it must be very carefully formatted.  Some codes that may work in a browser alone may not be permissible in Bauer Media offered content. Please use the following guidelines when coding the HTML:

HTML Code Enure there is a maximum 512 Latin characters per code line.  A long block of code without carriage returns affects the Bauer HTML parser.
Images Fill out the height and width tags for images, as this helps to accommodate faster load time.
eg: <img src=""height="15"width="30"> 
Width The Bauer Media user interface restricts the width of your content due to the right-hand navigation bar.  The width of the content cannot be specified to exceed 500 pixels.  If your content is too wide, it will break the Bauer Media UI and lead to a bad user experience.
Fixed Width Table Include your entire HTML inside a fixed width table.
<table width="480"border="0"cellspacing="0"cellpadding="0"align"center"bgcolor=white>
Stylesheets Put stylesheets between the <body></body> tags.  Stylesheets between the <head></head> tags will not be accepted.
Inline HTML Styles All HTML styles must be inline, i.e. <font face="arial, helvetica,sans-serif"size="2"color="#FF000">
Saved Format Save your HTML to an ANSII (not UTF8) encoded notepad.exe text file.  The text file should have clear markers for the code which should be copied or included in the newsletter.  Enclose your code (usually within the main table) in the following HTML comment markers:


Code goes here

Prohibited Items For security reasons we do NOT allow the following in your newsletter (hackers have been known to use these mediums to illegally ask users for their usernames and passwords):
  • NO Javascript
  • NO iFrames or frames
  • NO rich media advertising
  • NO animated gifs
  • NO relative links.  All images and hyperlinks must be ABSOLUTE:
Correct (absolute links):
<a href="">
<img src="">

Incorrect (relative links):
<a href="/brand/link.html">
<img src="../../../brand/img.gif">
  • Hyperlinks must begin with the "a" and the "href" together
  • Do not include attributes before the "href" eg <a href=""class="font">
  • No carriage returns should separate the hyperlink  tag.  All hyperlink tags should appear on one line.
  • Do not use: "target=_blank" or "target=_new" in href tags.  Links should NOT open new browser windows in your content; Bauer Media will add this to the newsletter for you.
Tags If you are using a <FORM> we accept only the GET method instead of the POST method.

All <FORM> tags must have "METHOD=GET".  Scripts receiving the <FORM> input must accept the "GET" method.  There is a butter limit of 4096 characters.  Bauer Media will change it to "POST" in your delivered newsletter and then pass the info back in "GET" format.
Note: It is common for some HTML editors to automatically convert all ampersands (&) into "&amp;".  Unfortunately it also converts the ampersands in hyperlinks.  If you have "&amp;" in hyperlinks in your submitted content, this will more than likely break links when the newsletter is delivered.  Please doublecheck the HTML code to make sure the ampersands are correct in hyperlinks.

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